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Refinance Your Mortgage for Increased Budgetary Flexibility

Current service members and veterans have access to a broad range of tools that help them pay for and maintain their homes. Arizona Mortgage Man helps clients find ways to maximize their financial situation throughout mortgage refinancing. Throughout Arizona, we have delivered outstanding services to our customers, one home at a time. Refinancing your home offers plenty of benefits, including attaining a more forgiving mortgage rate and securing greater budgetary flexibility. We offer free consultations during which our loan officer can help you get started.

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Take Advantage of the VA Streamline Refinancing Program

Veterans who took advantage of a VA home loan when they first purchased their house can again use the government’s programs to improve their financial situation. The VA Streamline Refinance Loan (IRRRL) program allows current service members and discharged veterans to reduce their monthly mortgage payments. The process is more straightforward than it is for others, and it is an excellent short- and long-term solution. Our loan officer makes the process even easier by using decades of experience to find a competitive interest rate on your behalf.

What Does It Mean to Refinance a Home?

When someone buys a house, they purchase it under terms and conditions that say how much their monthly payments are, and more—however, situations change. Refinancing is a way to adjust to shifting needs and budget considerations. We recommend pursuing refinancing when your budgetary situation has improved. For instance, if your income has grown steadily and considerably, refinancing the mortgage can lower the interest rate. Homeowners can also switch from an adjustable-rate loan to a fixed-rate alternative. There are numerous options, including starting over with a new 30-year term to maximize the savings.

Our Personalized Approach Delivers Optimal Results

When we work with a client, our loan officer works directly with them without an intermediary. We never pass our clients on to an external source. Instead, we deliver personalized customer service and secure excellent terms for refinanced loans. We have great relationships with well-rated banks and lending organizations, which allows us to find the best possible terms. Veterans who have reached a point where they need to refinance can’t find a better place to do so than Arizona Mortgage Man.

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